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Parking, Stadium and Outdoor Expansion Joints

Construction Specialties barrier solutions are designed to be used with most of our expansion joint cover assemblies, Our fire barrier systems can be rated for up to three hours and are third-party tested to meet codes and give you peace of mind. If wet conditions or temperature is a concern, our vapor and thermal vapor barrier systems help to resist moisture and control temperature.

The proof comes from decades of experience and projects of all complexities. From a standard parking garage the base isolated government buildings in Philadelphia, our joints are tried and true. Our ZB joint is a one-piece parking expansion joint cover that has an EPDM seal that allows for movement, while the integral nosing eliminates the need for elastomeric concrete. During installation, the cover is bonded into a high-strength epoxy bedding and is sealed on each side with a urethane sealant, resulting in a durable and watertight system. It is available in five standard roll sizes – 20′, 30′, 65′, 130′ and 200′. Joint sizes range from 1″ to 4″.