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Who We Are

The Engineered Systems team brings together a diverse range of skills,
knowledge, and experience, all focused on one common goal: to simplify
doing business with you.
We recognize the daily challenges you face, and our
utmost priority is to assist you efficiently.

As a Customer-Centric organization, we value the satisfaction of our customers
above all else. Our dedicated team is our greatest asset, capable of swiftly
resolving your most significant challenges.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for support with your project.

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Customer First

Helping clients achieve their goals. Make it easy for them. Genuinely get satisfaction from helping others.

Positive Attitude

Know your stuff. No arrogance. Be vulnerable, no one is perfect.

Humbly Confident

We believe in the power of teamwork, ‘Through open communication and cooperation, our diverse talents and expertisecome together to achieve shared goals.

Passionate About Excellence

Wanting to learn; wanting to be the best we can be. Helping others to be better.


Competitive, in a good way. Being creative to find solutions. Outworking our competition.


Are you proud of your actions? No amount of money is worth betraying trust.

Our Team. Engineered for Excellence.

Mike Gottron

Founder, Outside Sales, Business Development

Chris Gottron

Chief Operating Officer

Bryan Gottron

Roofing Division Leader, Outside Sales for Western Ohio

Carlos Cruzado

Construction Specialties Division Leader

Katherine Cruzado

Interiors Division Manager

Sheila Gottron

Director of Human Resources

Josh Hood

Inside Sales Specialist – Roofing Division

Ross Hughes

Outside Sales Representative – Roofing Division Eastern Ohio

Ashley Klausing

Inside Sales Specialist – Construction Specialties Division

Jon Lewis

Inside Sales Manager – Roofing Division

Corey Mills

Inside Sales Specialist – Roofing Division

Evan Morris

Kentucky Outside Sales – All Divisions

Liam Patridge

Inside Sales Specialist – Façade and Interiors Divisions

Kristin Spinosi

Inside Sales Manager – Construction Specialties

Mike Suman

Façade Division Leader

Cole Turner

Inside Sales Representative

Candace Van Dyke

Interiors Outside Sales Representative – Northern Ohio