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Light Commercial/Residential Insulation

Residential and light commercial Type V construction projects present challenges in moisture management, energy efficiency and fire protection. EnergyShield rigid polyiso insulation boards provide excellent R-value for superior thermal protection and options for both vapor-permeable and non-permeable facers. Additionally, EnergyShield insulation board provides a unique level of fire protection, shown in testing to char in place rather than melting or dripping like other types of plastic insulation.

  • EnergyShield® is a great choice for residential projects that require airtight foil-faced insulation. It could be mounted on the exterior of brick walls depending on the moisture management choices of the builder, and it is suitable for Type V construction.
  • EnergyShield® CGF is perfect for residential projects that require glass-faced insulation to provide vapor permeability. Ideal for buildings that require breathable interior insulation, EnergyShield CGF is suitable for any Type V construction.
  • EnergyShield XR® will improve residential builds by insulating below grade walls for more comfortable basements and under concrete slabs for slab construction houses and multi-use commercial buildings to create better energy efficiency.