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Wall Fasteners & Brick Ties

Trufast Walls has solidified its reputation as the leading commercial wall fastener manufacturer (Stud & Masonry), excelling in performance, reliability, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to thermal performance and water resistance in construction applications. The company’s innovative product designs not only prioritize thermal efficiency but also contribute significantly to the overall energy efficiency of commercial buildings, setting a new standard in the industry. Trufast Walls’ fasteners are precision-engineered to surpass industry benchmarks for thermal resistance, ensuring superior insulation that enhances both comfort and sustainability while minimizing long-term operational costs.

In tandem with its dedication to thermal performance, Trufast Walls stands out for its emphasis on water resistance in fastener designs. Working in tandem with virtually all air-vapor barriers, Trufast prides itself on enhancing the walls performance. Trufast Walls’ commitment to excellence in performance, reliability, and innovation makes it the preferred choice for commercial builders seeking not only durable and reliable wall fasteners but also solutions that contribute to enhanced thermal efficiency and water resistance, setting a new standard for quality in construction projects.

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