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Concrete Ad Mixture

Barrier One’s innovative additive mixture enhances the durability and strength of concrete structures by forming a protective barrier within the concrete mix, reducing permeability and improving resistance to water, chemicals, and other damaging substances. With Barrier One, concrete becomes more resilient against cracking, spalling, and deterioration, ensuring the long-lasting structural integrity of the project. Additionally, this admixture enhances workability, making concrete easier to handle and place during construction while minimizing water absorption and shrinkage.

Barrier One not only improves the overall quality of the concrete but also reduces the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs, saving time and costs throughout the structure’s lifespan. The admixture eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming topical treatments to adhere flooring.

CSXtreme, which is specifically formulated for extreme exterior applications, is recommended for inclusion in all
(1) foundations/ matt slabs,
(2) tilt walls/exposed vertical concrete
(3) structural roof decks
(4) DOT roads and bridges
(5) parking structures
(6) pools-lagoons-reservoirs
(7) seawalls-levees-floodwalls
(8) warehouses
(9) tunnels