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Skylights/Daylighting: Velux

Skylights are designed to improve the indoor environment and provide numerous benefits, including increased productivity, energy savings, and better well-being by bringing natural light and air into your space. Although beautiful, skylights are not always the simplest feature to incorporate, which is why for decades we have partnered with innovative Velux/Wasco.

Our skylights are made from high-quality materials and are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and durability. We offer a variety of glazing options, including heat-blocking and UV-blocking options, to ensure that your commercial space is comfortable and energy-efficient all year round. Our skylights also come with a range of automated and manual control options, making them easy to use and customize to your specific needs.

The second but equally essential piece to any skylight is selecting the correct contractor to install the skylight which you would select. Having nearly 4 decades in the Ohio market, we have worked with and developed a group of specialized installers all across the state. From new construction to replacement of an existing, there is no installation which they cannot handle.


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