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Engineered Wood Nailer: Prebuck

Prebuck is the first prefabricated wood nailer of its kind; strength and quality combined with speed and efficiency. Prebuck technology now offers the strongest, fastest, and smartest construction solutions available. Save time and money while building superior durability into every project. Prebuck’s versatility is shown through its versatility in functioning as a parapet cap, door and window framing and sil plate.

1. Designed for direct contact with concrete
2. Non corrosive to metals
3. Resistant to insects and decay
4. Will not delaminate, become spongy, or lose fastener holding strength when exposed in typical commercial construction.
5. Will not cup, warp or twist over time
6. Engineered consistent, flat, stable framing material
7. LSL bending strength minimizes need for internal bracing before concrete pour


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