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CoverBoard: DEXcell® by National Gypsum

DEXcell® by National Gypsum is widely recognized as one of the best coverboards available for roofing applications. This highly durable and reliable product is made from a combination of high-quality gypsum, fiberglass mat, and concrete board which gives it superior strength and resistance to weathering and moisture. DEXcell can withstand extreme weather conditions, foot traffic, and the wear and tear that can occur during the installation process.

DEXcell also offers excellent fire resistance, a high R-value for improved energy efficiency, and versatility in its use with various roofing systems. This makes it a popular choice for architects, contractors, and building owners who want a product that is easy to work with and can be used in a variety of applications. Choose DEXcell for your roofing project, and benefit from its superior strength, fire resistance, and thermal performance.


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