Hunter XCI


As the first start-up company to enter the polyiso industry since 1975, Hunter Panels has a singularly dedicated mission: to distinguish ourselves as an aggressive entrepreneurial manufacturer, and also as a proactive leader in the marketing of innovative continuous insulation polyiso products. We are a self-contained manufacturer with a companywide, laser-like focus on our mission. Hunter Panels has assembled an unparalleled team of leading industry professionals who know polyiso inside and out and have a proven passion for being technically proficient and customer driven in everything we do as a company. Quality isn’t just a goal at Hunter Panels – it’s in our corporate DNA.

  • Hunter Panels XCI
  • Hunter Panels XCI CLASS A
  • Hunter Panels XCI FOIL
  • Hunter Panels XCI CG
  • Hunter Panels XCI PLY
  • Hunter Panels XCI NB
Why Hunter XCI

Why Hunter XCI?

  • Has the highest R-Value per inch of any insulation

  • NFPA 285 TEST – Passed

  • Contributes toward LEED certification credits

  • HCFC and CFC free, zero ODP, and negligible GW

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