MVRA 900 – The Superior Concrete Moisture Reduction Admixture from ISE Logik

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A proven track record – MVRA 900
 is the superior concrete moisture reduction admixture.

The leader in quality, ISE is also the most competitively priced.

Call us and find out for yourself: (614)-430-0303 / (800)-836-7663

MVRA 900 Keeps Your Project on Time –

Saving you Money

  • No moisture testing required (Warranted to 100% RH per ASTM F2170) – go to ISE Logik’s sales sheet for more on concrete moisture
  • Stocked in Columbus, OH
  • Conveys lifetime warranty against concrete moisture vapor induced flooring failure
  • Dosed at 12 ounces per hundred pounds total cementitious material

MVRA 900 is Easy To use

  • Conveys a stand-alone adhesion warranty
  • The only admixture with compatibility warranty from Taylor Adhesive
  • No foaming – Zero interaction with other mixtures – Does Not Affect Slump
  • Provides Internal curing
  • Increased strength
  • Reduced shrinkage and cracking – Better performance

MVRA 900 is Clean and Environmentally Friendly

  • 03 Division, 03 30 00 Cast-in-Place Concrete
  • pH blocker protects from alkali attack (14 pH)
  • Product Master Spec / BSD SpeckLink / ARCAT
  • Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog
  • Mindful Materials
  • HPD (Health Product Declaration) Certified
  • ASTM C494 Type S compliant
  • No VOCs or chlorides

MVRA 900  saves time and money with lean construction – and also has no harmful VOC’s, Health Product Declaration Certified.

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