Founded in 1949, Fry Reglet’s comprehensive selection of functional moisture prevention products offer the ultimate in protection from the elements. Available in a variety of materials and finishes, Fry Reglet offers 5 Flashing Systems tailored for specific substrates and designed to keep wind from getting under the roof. The Springlok system is the ONLY flashing product in the industry to pass the two-hour 110-mph wind load test.

  • Surface Mounted Applications
  • Masonry Reglet
  • Stucco over baseboard
  • Stucco over block conditions
  • Concrete for poured-in-place construction
Why Fry-Reglet

Why Fry-Reglet?

  • 63 Year History

  • 5 Flashing Systems for Virtually Any Substrate

  • Roll-Formed to Precise Factory Standards

  • Save Time and Labor

  • Lightweight Material

  • Springlok flashings resist high wind velocities up to 110 mph

  • End laps on the flashing ensures a watertight seal

  • End laps on the reglet and flashing ensures proper alignment and waterproof seal

Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge

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